Help Milwaukee beat St. Louis in a social media vote

MILWAUKEE -- Your votes are needed now to help Milwaukee beat out St. Louis. Both cities are doing what they can to land a national conference, called the "Social Media Tourism Symposium."

The location of the conference is being chosen through a bracket voting system on Facebook. "Usually, what VISIT Milwaukee does when we bid for a conference to come here - we do it behind-the-scenes. This time, all of Milwaukee has the chance to weigh in and help us bring the conference here," Jeannine Sherman with VISIT Milwaukee said.

The "Social Media Tourism Symposium" is an opportunity for professionals in tourism-related organizations to get together to talk about social media and how they use it within their organizations, to learn best social media practices, and to network with other professionals.

16 destinations are in the running. The conference location will be chosen through a March Madness Sweet 16 style bracket competition. The latest pairing pits Milwaukee against St. Louis. This, after Brew City beat up on Lee High Valley, Pennsylvania. If Milwaukee wins, it will next face either Baltimore, MD or Pocono Mountains, PA.

VISIT Milwaukee officials hope to get your vote, to multiply awareness about the city through Tweets and Facebook status updates.

The winning city will be announced in about three weeks, and the "Social Media Tourism Symposium" would be held in early November.

CLICK HERE to vote for Milwaukee via VISIT Milwaukee's Facebook page. You get one vote from every device you vote on - including cell phones, laptops and iPads.