Heat is on again this year as Waukesha Co. Fair begins

WAUKESHA (WITI) -- With temperatures in the high 80s and high humidity, it was sweaty for the start of the 171st Waukesha County Fair on Wednesday, July 17th -- but fair organizers say hot weather during the annual fair is not uncommon!

"We always seem to have warm weather. We’re the third week in July, and it just, you know, it’s warm!" Waukesha County Fair Executive Director Shari Black said.

Black says the fair is prepared for the heat, with a misting station, a few air-conditioned buildings and a suspension of the rule prohibiting folks from carrying in water.

"What we’re gonna do (Wednesday and Thursday) and Friday as well—we’re going to allow people to bring in one water bottle and there’s water fountains throughout the grounds that they can fill up, and make sure that they’re staying hydrated," Black said.

This applies to the humans, the heifers and the hogs.

"Pigs don’t sweat, so we have to-–the kids are watering their pigs. They put bags of ice in the corner of their pens, in their shavings, and they’ll melt quickly. They take them to the wash rack to get them cooled off," Swine Superintendent Wanda Richardson said.

"Catfish" Johnny with J&J Concessions says his staff can cope with cooking so much fried food thanks to a breeze blowing through his big windows, and plenty of breaks.

"It gets very hot. Whatever the temperatures are out here—just add maybe 10 to 15 degrees in there. I make sure that they eat. I make sure that they keep hydrated—lots of water. If you feel dizzy, whatever, go sit. You know, I don’t overwork them," Johnny said.

Still, on a hot day, the 52-year-old fair food veteran says his mind may drift to cooler thoughts.

"I’m gonna be honest with you—right now, I wish I sold ice cream," Johnny said.

The Waukesha County Fair runs through Sunday, July 21st.