Health Departments, doctors, nurses watching closely for Enterovirus D68 in Wisconsin

BROWN DEER (WITI) -- Hospitals in states surrounding Wisconsin are seeing more kids come in with severe respiratory illness. The culprit: Enterovirus D68. Other states are worried about the virus spreading, and while there are no confirmed cases here in Wisconsin yet, that could change -- and doctors say they're ready.

On Tuesday afternoon, September 9th on Twitter, the CDC said: "Clinicians should consider Enterovirus D68 in patients with severe respiratory illness and report clusters of illness to the Health Department."

Cases of Enterovirus D68 are being reported in 12 states.

The CDC has confirmed 19 cases in Kansas City, and 11 in Chicago. Most of those patients are children.

FOX6 News on Tuesday checked in with the nurse for the Brown Deer School District.

"We haven't had anything so far this year -- anything that's out of the ordinary. No major colds, no major asthma," Tammy Mamayek said.

Mamayek says there is a plan in action if Enterovirus D68 does show up in Wisconsin.

"We would definitely be on the lookout for it. We'd definitely be in contact with parents. I would be in contact with the Health Department -- North Shore Health Department," Mamayek said.

Mamayek says they work to teach children the simple things that help them avoid getting sick.

"They go into the classrooms and do a lot of teaching on hand-washing, how to prevent the spread of illness, a lot of nutrition to help keep your immune system boosted -- things like that," Mamayek said.

Most of the confirmed cases of Enterovirus D68 are in patients with a history of asthma or wheezing.

The CDC on Twitter Tuesday said: "People who have asthma should maintain control of their illness. Follow prevention steps."

Enteroviruses can present like a common cold, and the CDC says Enterovirus D68 can cause mild to severe respiratory illness, but they say the full spectrum of what it causes isn't well known.

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