Heal the Hood block party spreads "tons of positivity" within the community

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee city leaders are proving that working to reduce crime can actually be pretty fun. The "Heal the Hood" block party took place on 33rd Street between North Avenue and Meinecke on Saturday, June 24th.

Organizers say it's part of a campaign to promote self-sustainability and nonviolence in Milwaukee, but also give kids and homeowners something to celebrate.

There was free food and even some live entertainment.


Organizers say it's a way to promote more positivity within the community.

"It shows that there's not all negative things in Milwaukee. We have an opportunity to change the narrative. So we are here to help change that narrative. Tons of positivity out here," said Jessica Butler, Heal the Hood campaign manager.

This was the second month in a four-month series of festivals. The next "Heal the Hood" block part is planned for July 29th.

This is the fifth year for the "Heal the Hood" campaign.