He was told he wouldn't live to 35; with the help of a buddy and Taylor Swift, he's dropped 250 lbs!

SYRACUSE, NY (WITI) – A man who weighed nearly 700 pounds was going to die if he didn’t make radical changes, according to his doctor. With the help of his buddy and Taylor Swift, he’s dropped 250 pounds!

In 2013, Ronnie Brower’s doctor told him he probably wouldn’t live to 35 in his current health state, so he quit drinking and spent the next two years at the gym.

Taylor Swift personally hasn’t done anything to help Brower – yet. His former high school teacher Joe Bufano posted a video online chronicling Brower’s weight loss journey and often mentioned how T-Swift’s music inspired him to keep moving.

Bufano has reached out to Swift asking her to make her June 3rd concert special for Brower – her “biggest fan.”

Brower works out to Swift’s music and he wants to reward his friend with a memorable concert, Bufano said.

Swift fans have begged her on Twitter to watch the video with the hashtag #ronnieweightloss.  As of Saturday, she hadn’t responded (at least on Twitter).

Regardless, Bufano is proud Brower’s story is being told and hopes it inspires others.