He couldn't hear his cartoons, so little boy cuts dangling rooftop worker's safety ropes!

CHINA (WITI) -- Working on a roof -- a man nearly fell 80 feet to his death when an angry child cut the safety ropes to his harness!

According to Your-Story.org, the worker was using a drill to mount security lights on the side of an apartment building in China. He was working about 100 feet off the ground when a 10-year-old boy cut his ropes.

The worker reported feeling his safety rope shaking, and when he looked up, he says he saw the boy cutting his rope.

So why did the boy do it?

Apparently, he was angry he couldn't hear his cartoons over the loud construction noise.

YourStory.org reports the worker was left hanging by a single rope!

The boy's father says the boy has apologized, and the family is considering getting him anger management therapy.

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