Hawley Rd. to partially reopen after water main break floods, damages area near I-94

MILWAUKEE -- Access to Hawley Road and it's adjoining I-94 ramps should partially reopen soon, city officials say.

Portions of the area near 60th and Hawley and I-94 have been closed for repairs after a water main broke on Saturday, Dec. 28 -- flooding the area and damaging the roadway. Crews have been working on repairing the water main and reopening the road since.

Water was eventually restored to the area around 10 p.m. Saturday.

A City of Milwaukee spokesperson issued the following statement Monday, Dec. 31.

We’re hoping to have Hawley partially reopened to traffic within the next day.

We determined the 48-inch water main in question appears to be in good condition. It was connected to a 16 inch main that failed.  Because of the size of the main (for example, an 8 inch main may be a more typical break) and the type of failure lead to the severity of this incident. In this case we have to fully replace the 16 inch main rather than just repair it.

A portion of that new main has been installed and work continues today.