'Having a lot of fun:' Middle school students spread holiday cheer through song

WAUKESHA -- A Christmas tradition continues in Waukesha -- where middle school students are spreading holiday cheer. The class is sending the message through song.

Genny Lambert

The last day of school before holiday break is always exciting, but even more so when you leave the classroom to share what you're learning with your community.

"It's a tradition to sing some Puerto Rican songs, which is called the Parranda," said Genny Lambert, teacher.

For the 9th straight year, Spanish teacher Genny Lambert and her Les Paul Middle School students are walking the streets of Waukesha sharing Christmas songs and Puerto Rican culture.

Les Paul Middle School Spanish II

Serenading the staff and customers in the local coffee shop and taco bell with music and holiday cheer.

"We're very excited and we're having a lot of fun," said Bryce Petersen, 8th grade student.

A festive way to highlight the things we have in common with the people around the world.

Les Paul Middle School Spanish II

"We are all the same. We all celebrate holidays. It's a good time to remember the unity we have as a community," said Lambert.

The 50 middle school students practiced their songs for two weeks to get ready for day.