Hassle at Milwaukee's Wells Street Bridge is over

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The headaches may finally be coming to an end for folks who use Milwaukee's Wells Street Bridge.

Countless commuters have spent the past few weeks being forced to detour their drives, and re-route their Wells Street walks -- due to the broken bridge.

"We came down this way, walked actually, with my girlfriend and I and said, 'Aw--we forgot about the bridge, so we had to go all the way around, hit Wisconsin, and come back up," said Donny Burger, Wells Street Bridge traveler.

Burger says he's had to leave home earlier each morning to avoid the congestion on other bridges.

"What's going on with this bridge? When is it gonna come down, so we can use it again?" said Burger.

Milwaukee Department of Public Works Commissioner, Ghassan Korban says the city has been waiting on six key components to the 29-year-old moving bridge.

After searching stateside, the zero-leak blocking valves had to be sent from Switzerland and modified in Mundelein, Illinois before being installed Friday.

"There will be some testing to be taking place to make sure that they are doing what they're supposed to do, and once we're comfortable with that, then we will, we'll call the bridge 'operable' for both motorists--vehicular traffic, and then also river traffic," said Korban.

There is more work to do to ensure the bridge is safe, but Korban says crews will continue their efforts until the bridge is back in action.

An update as of 4:25 p.m., FOX6 News reports that the Wells Street Bridge is now back up and running.