Happy ending for Brass Tap after dine-and-dash group pays up

GREENFIELD -- Officials with a Greenfield restaurant and bar are saluting the power of social media, as it helped shine light on a group of “dine-and-dashers."

Officials at The Brass Tap in Greenfield said a group of three men and two women racked up a $110 tab, and then made a run for it on Friday, May 5th. A manager told FOX6 when the group was confronted by a server, the group sprinted to a car.

The establishment wrote in a Facebook post, “To the guys who ran out on a $110 tab at a table tonight... We will be coming for you and will soon post video and pictures and the authorities have been notified. You can come back in and pay or prepare to be prosecuted.”

After the group did not return, The Brass Tap posted several photos and offered a $30 gift card reward to anyone who could help identify members of the group.

Well, it worked. In a Facebook post on Sunday, The Brass Tap said the following:

The Brass Tap has removed the photos of the people associated with this dine-and-dash incident.