Gyms busy with people trying to get healthy in New Year

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- With the New Year comes the New Year's resolution -- and for many, that means taking steps to become healthier.

As we see every year, the first few months of the year mean big business for gyms and athletic clubs.

Those who work in the industry say every year, they see an uptick in memberships as the year kicks off -- but as the days go on, many people lose interest or the willpower to keep going.

So what can you do to keep motivated when it comes to losing weight?

"Don't be afraid to go out of your comfort level and try something new. If a yoga class that you really enjoy taking gets full, reach out and do a zumba class or try one of our total body works classes. Try something new and shake up your routine a little bit and that will keep it more interesting for you," Brooke White with the Wisconsin Athletic Club said.

The WAC usually takes between six and 12 weeks into the year before they start seeing things slow down and more people stop going to the gym.