Gunfire erupts after peaceful demonstration ends in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- A peaceful demonstration in Milwaukee ends with gunfire early Friday morning, June 5. For the seventh straight night, protesters marched through the City of Milwaukee, calling for an end to racial injustice.

A group of more than 100 protesters were leaving the area near 27th and Center around 2 a.m. when someone nearby fired a gun -- and others joined in. The gunfire came from people who were not part of the protest.

A FOX6 crew on scene took cover by their vehicle. They saw people shooting in the air -- not at one another.

The peaceful protest had just wrapped up for the night when shots rang out. The organizer was helping people get rides back to their homes.

The group walked more than 100 blocks -- and included hundreds of people of all ages, races, and religions.

There were no reports of violence during this march.

"To see all these people respond day after day after day and to see it growing bigger and bigger crowds, and see it get more organized right before your eyes. You see these people and you know these people love each other," said Frank Nitty, Organizer.