Gun accidentally discharges inside of Froedtert Hospital, deputy suspended

MILWAUKEE (WITI) --  A person with a legal concealed carry permit brought a gun inside of Froedtert Hospital Friday, June 27th, but when a deputy tried to confiscate the weapon, it accidentally went off.

Froedtert confirms that a patient brought a gun inside of the hospital, and the hospital does not allow firearms inside of the building. The patient mentioned he had the weapon on him, and that's when deputies were notified to confiscate the firearm.

Officials say the firearm discharged as the deputy attempted to clear the weapon, and the bullet struck a wall.  No one was struck or injured, and the only people present in the exam room were the two deputies and the patient.

Froedtert says the patient was very cooperative. It appears that he did not notice the signs indicating firearms were banned on the premises when he walked into the building with the holstered gun.

Sheriff Clarke is upset about the incident and very apologetic to the staff of Froedtert Hospital.

A press release says that Sheriff David Clarke ordered a criminal investigation into the discharge of the weapon by the deputy, and it will be reviewed by the District Attorney’s Office.

"Attempting to clear a firearm in a hospital examination room is unimaginable, rising to the level of recklessness.  We don’t train this way in the handling of our own firearms.  Fortunately, nobody was struck," said Clarke. "However, this lack of awareness by this deputy is serious enough to pursue a charge of Recklessly Endangering Safety.  This is intolerable.”

The incident happened at the end of the clinic day and very few people were around. The deputy has been suspended until the investigation is complete.

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