Greenfield mother, daughter arrested for retail theft at Best Buy store

GREENFIELD -- A Greenfield mother and her oldest daughter were arrested for a shoplifting incident involving three young children at Greenfield's Best Buy store -- and this isn't the first time this mother has been accused of retail theft.

The criminal complaint in the case indicates the 33-year-old mother was in the store with her young children and was allowing the children to conceal merchandise in their backpacks. The youngest child involved is five years old.

A Best Buy employee told authorities surveillance video showed the children concealing merchandise in their backpacks -- and showed the mother, Quinnatte Jeff, and oldest daughter were aware of what was going on, but were doing nothing to stop it.

When questioned by police, Jeff at first denied being inside the Best Buy store and taking any merchandise. Once an officer told Jeff police were simply interested in recovering Best Buy's merchandise -- not arresting the children, Jeff reportedly handed over the children's backpacks to police.

After a search of Jeff's and the children's backpacks, the stolen merchandise was recovered, and Jeff was taken into custody.

The total cost of the merchandise taken from the store was $404.90 and included DVDs and iPhone cases.

Jeff and her oldest daughter were booked for retail theft, party to a crime and were issued citations. The children were turned over to Jeff's sister.

FOX6 News learned Jeff has previously been convicted of retail theft, and could face additional convictions for a separate identity theft case.

FOX6 News spoke with Jeff on the phone Wednesday, and she denied she was arrested for retail theft. When asked for her comment, Jeff said: "Do what you please. I wasn't involved in anything. My kids were there."