Greendale native starring in Broadway production of "Ghost"

GREENDALE (WITI) -- 26-year-old Greendale native Katie Postotnik has performed in front of crowds across the country as Molly in the Broadway production of Ghost the Musical. As the show travels to Chicago, many from our area are hitting the road to see Postotnik on stage.

Postotnik has performed in dozens of local productions, but none of her roles have been as big as Molly.

"It's a dream come true to be playing this role and some of these theaters have 2,000, 3,000 seats. They are huge and it's just so fantastic and a blessing to perform in front of so many people and bring this story to audiences all over America," said Postotnik.

The musical is adapted from the 1990 award-winning film. Postotnik says the stage version reaches all types of audiences, not just theater buffs.

"Bruce Joel Rubin wrote the screenplay and he also wrote the book for the musical, so the scenes and love from the movie are still in the musical," Postotnik explained.

She says the most exciting part, for her, is making Demi Moore's character her own.

"She has to be Molly, the character from the movie that you know and love, but it's my adaptation of it. It's my interpretation of it," said Postotnik.

The young woman from Greendale is looking forward to her upcoming performance in Chicago, meshing a bit of her past with her present.

"A lot of these people are still my friends now, which is cool, and they've come to see me in shows and they are coming to Chicago, so it's exciting," Postotnik said.

Ghost the Musical is playing at Chicago's Oriental Theatre from January 7th to the 19th. The show will also be traveling to Appleton in March.