Grebe's Bakery to make "Hank" cookies, donate proceeds

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Grebe’s Bakery will offer “Hank” decorated cookies beginning Wednesday, March 26th through opening day, Monday, March 31st.

The cookies will feature a 3-dimensional buttercream version of Hank’s furry face or a “HANK K9” jersey. The cookies will be available exclusively at Grebe’s retail store, located at 5132 West Lincoln Avenue in West Allis.

Inspired by the Milwaukee Brewers’ newest four-legged “teammate,” Grebe’s plans to donate 20 percent of the proceeds from the $1.79 “Hank” cookies to the Wisconsin Humane Society!

If you'd like to order "Hank" cookies, you're urged to call 414-543-7000.

"Hank" cookies made by Grebe's Bakery