"Great opportunity:" 1,200 train for security positions at Erin Hills during U.S. Open

ERIN -- Security will be tight during the U.S. Open in Erin Hills, and 1,200 people will be hired to make sure it runs smoothly.

Inside Hartford Union High School ahead of the U.S. Open, new hires with the event staffing agency Andy Frain Services were taking part in training for security positions at Erin Hills.

"I feel like it's a great opportunity for the state of Wisconsin. Last time there was a U.S. Open in the Midwest was 2003," Jonathan Stone of Brookfield said.

Security training for U.S. Open at Hartford Union High School

Stone was one of 1,200 others at Hartford Union High School learning how to use hand-held metal detectors, and how to properly pat-down visitors.

"You have to really be in the zone. You can't be thinking of anything else. This is your office. You have to be concentrating the whole time," Stone said.

Andy Frain Services

Some security procedures will take place far from the course.

"All the fans are going to be parking at two off-site locations," Sandeep Prasad, event manager for Andy Frain Services said.

Pickup sites are in Germantown and Oconomowoc.

Prasad said all fans will go through metal detectors, but there are a ton of other things to consider before you even leave your house.

"You can't bring cameras. Cell phones have to be smaller than seven inches. The bags have to be six-by-six-by-six," Prasad said.

Security training for U.S. Open at Hartford Union High School

It's recommended you arrive 90 minutes before tee times begin to allow for potentially long lines.

The security hires will all go through background checks, and most will work eight-and-a-half-hour days. They'll be paid between $10 and $12 per hour.

Prasad said he's expecting everything to run smoothly.

Erin Hills

"If I need to go out and check bags myself, I will do it to make sure everyone is safe," Prasad said.