Grandmother killed, four-year-old hurt after being hit by car

MILWAUKEE -- Police say a car struck a grandmother and her four-year-old grandson near South 6th Street and West Grant Street in Milwaukee. Neighbors say Clementina Hernandez-Perez was pushing a stroller across the street when the car hit them. Hernandez-Perez was killed, and the four-year-old boy is fighting for his life.

Sergio Hernandez-Perez Jr. is trying to come to terms with his aunt's death. "When I heard about it, I couldn't believe it. I was in shock. I was worried about my dad," Hernandez-Perez Jr. said.

Neighbors say the South 6th Street and West Grant Street intersection is a dangerous one, and a lot of children cross it. Neighbors say some cars speed through the intersection. "The street is no good. You see a lot of people come here and cars, and a lot of problems," Sergio Hernandez-Perez Sr., the victim's brother, said.

Neighbors say they think the stroller may have been what saved the child's life. "(Drivers) come up and down this road really fast. They don't take their time. They don't look for pedestrians. It's just a matter of time that something like this happens," neighbor Patrick Gardner said.

Veronica Mendez witnesses the accident while she was waiting for her neice to get off a bus. "It was terrifying. Honestly, I was traumatized. It's a crosswalk, and you should yield at least, with caution, but nobody respects that sign," Mendez said.

Mourners set up a memorial at the site after the incident. Neighbors say they just hope something is done to make the intersection safer, so this doesn't happen again, because if nothing is done, neighbors say it's just a matter of time before it could happen again.

Family members say the four-year-old boy remains in the hospital.