Good Samaritan rescues dog left to drown in river

INDIANA (CNN) -- A troubling case of animal abuse in Indiana has a happy ending. A dog left to drown in a river was saved by a Good Samaritan.

"It wasn't very nice. There were cinder blocks tied to the side of the dog's head, trying to drown it. And both of its legs were tied together," Troy Jones said.

"He also found a letter with the dog and it stated that they wanted the animal to die," Dareth Stonebraker with the Parke-Vermillion Humane Shelter said.

"I heard something whining down by the crick. I looked over and saw a dog with his head, all was sticking up was part of his nose, mouth trying to get air," Jones said.

Bound by rope and cinder block, a young labrador mix named Serendipity nearly drowned. Now, she has Jones to thank for saving her life.

After Jones rescued the dog, he got her home, cleaned her up, and took her to a safe place, but even after saving her life, he can't get over how they met.

"I was very disturbed to see what I seen. I think it's very cruel that someone could be like that," Jones said.

Serendipity is miraculously doing well.

"For the things that she's been through, she's actually in pretty good shape. Her body temperature was normal. Physically, she doesn't have any wounds. She's very fortunate," Janine Ostrum with the Parke-Vermillion Humane Shelter said.

Jones has made quite the new friend in Serendipity -- coming to visit her at the shelter. He says he has a simple message for everyone who notices an animal being mistreated or left alone.

"If you get a chance, give it a home and a life it needs," Jones said.