'Good family day out:' Time between Christmas and New Year's the busiest at The New Rock Snowpark

FRANKLIN -- Despite relatively mild temperatures and little snow so far this winter, there's plenty of outdoor fun to be had year-round at The New Rock Snowpark in Franklin. Plenty of people took advantage over the holiday break from school and work.

Notwithstanding Mother Nature, there's been plenty of snow at The Rock this winter.

"We bounce back really quickly when we have some adverse weather," said co-owner Rick Schmitz. "We were able to make a ton of snow and put down a really good base on the entire ski hill. Our man-made snow is really durable, so even when we got some warmups, we still have 100 percent coverage on the hill."

Experienced skiiers and snowboarders swoosh down the slopes at The Rock -- along with newbies -- while folks big and small unleash their inner kid while tubing along the trails.

"Good family day out to play in the snow," said David Ruszkiewicz.

Schmitz said the time between Christmas and New Year's Eve is always the busiest, with visitors taking advantage of time off from work and school.

"We are really happy," said Schmitz. "Glow tubing basically every Friday and Saturday. Starting Jan. 4, we turn all the lights off on the hill except for a bunch of color changing LEDs on the tubing park."

The New Rock Snowpark will have extended hours through Jan. 1 -- open from 10 a.m. until 9 p.m.

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