Golden Guernsey Dairy plant in Waukesha goes up for auction

WAUKESHA (WITI) -- The Golden Guernsey Dairy plant in Waukesha will be sold at auction Tuesday, May 14th to the highest bidder after closing unexpectedly on Saturday, January 5th.

A trustee for the former Golden Guernsey dairy plant in Waukesha says there is a $5.5 million offer on the table from Superior Dairy based in Canton, Ohio.  They’ve put a down payment down of more than $500,000 (they they will get back if they lose).

Opening bid must be higher than $5.765 million.  It must then increase in at least increments of 100,000. Winner must put down a “good faith deposit” of 10%.

The deal on the table by the Ohio company, would eliminate current contracts with several people including the union.  The existing contract would be tossed, and a new one would be negotiated.

Over 100 people were suddenly laid off after the company unexpectedly closed its doors. The company that owned the plant has since filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The dairy plant’s owner, OpenGate Capitol is no longer in charge of the plant after filing for bankruptcy.

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