"God's love is bigger than just us:" Celebrating milestones and legacies at Greendale Community Church

GREENDALE (WITI) -- As Greendale Community Church marks its 75th year in existence...members are lucky enough to do so with one of its charter members.

Sunday morning, December 14th, worshipers filled Greendale Community Church eager to kick off its 75th year anniversary and pay tribute to Minnie Frew.

"Minnie is the most gracious, most inclusive person I have ever met in my life -- this woman has absolutely no judgement in her whatsoever," said Greendale Community Church Reverend, David Gaeth.

Minnie, who recently turned 100-years-old has plenty to celebrate. The church she began back in 1940 is thriving and its come a long way.

"Our church actually began as a Sunday school in Minnie's living room when she first moved to the village there were two churches planned in Greendale, the Lutheran church and the catholic church and Minnie and her friend Dora went to both churches and saw there wasn't a place for people who thought differently who are from different backgrounds," said Gaeth.

So Minnie and Dora started a Sunday school that taught a different way and that Sunday school blossomed into a worshiping community.

"We wanted everyone to feel as though they had equal access to god," said Minnie.

Her vision was based on embracing the community and inspiring youth. Minnie is glad those same values hold true today.

"We wanted to include people. We are trying to understand people and trying to love everybody. And to be better as teachers of children -- to understand god and realize that he is the most important thing," said Minnie.

As the two milestones are commemorated, Minnie feasts during this joyous occasion and can truly look at the fruits of her labor which the pastor and members carry on.

"I think that's our legacy, we try and stay involved in the life of our community and make an impact in any way we can and show that god's love is bigger than just us," said Gaeth.

As for turning 100, Minnie says she keeps her mind and body young by being healthy eating as a vegetarian and walking frequently.