'God gave me another chance:' West Allis man headed home after 2-month coronavirus fight

Toran Govan

WEST ALLIS -- After nearly two months fighting COVID-19, a West Allis man is making the homecoming that doctors said would never happen.

There are many things Rachel Govan has prayed for, but no prayers have been answered quite like the one that was at Aurora West Allis.

"The hospital and doctor told us many times he wasn't going to make it," she said.

Family and friends gather in prayer for Toran Govan in April.

Toran Govan, Rachel's son, couldn't see the prayers coming from his family and friends in April when they gathered in the parking lot beneath his hospital room -- but he could hear them.

The employee of Mitchell International Airport was admitted to the hospital on March 30 and had been fighting COVID-19 ever since.

Nearly two months later, a miracle he was.

Toran Govan

Toran Govan

"We prayed and then the Lord answered our prayers," Rachel said. "I'm just so excited to see him, hold him again."

Toran Govan

On a spring day full of anticipation, he headed home Friday, May 22 to a world different from when he left.

"I was just happy. Cause, doctors said I wasn't going to be here, wasn't going to make it," said Toran "I made it., just thankful...I'm feeling very blessed. Grateful that God gave me another chance."

Alongside his bride of more than 20 years, he steps toward a long recovery.

Shamicka Govan

"I feel like I'm getting ready for my wedding. And I'm getting married all over again," his wife Shamicka Govan said. "That's the type of feeling that I have."

For the Govan's, after nearly two months, home will be whole once again.