Giving back: West Bend business steps up to help veteran in need of wheelchair ramp

OCONOMOWOC (WITI) -- There's good news for a 95-year-old veteran who needs a wheelchair to get around. FOX6 News viewers have stepped up -- and want to help this man who's done so much for his country.

Ralph "Torchy" Dames needs the wheelchair -- and a ramp to get outside. But the ramp his good friends and neighbor built for him is not up to code; it was a temporary fix.

Neighbor Dan Britten applied for a program at Home Depot that provides home renovations for veterans. But that idea was slow-going.  That's where Bob Krolski and Matt Herbert come in.

Krolski and Herbert are from, an online business based in West Bend. They heard about Dames' story -- and wanted to step in.

"We appreciate everything you did for the country and it's nice to be apart just to give back a little bit," said Krolski.

So Krolski and Herbert went to work. They snapped photos and discussed location -- brainstorming a new ramp that's easy, accessible and up to code.

"To be up to code we need a minimum of 18 feet, we can go a little longer, " said Krolski.

They also measured the backyard -- closely checking the height of the back door.

Dames is happy to see his ramp issues are almost over.

"I'll do flip flops out on the driveway here, for crying out loud, when I see it done," said Dames.

The guys from Discount Ramps say they will have the ramp delivered, assembled and installed in just one week.

FOX6 News has also learned Home Depot will be replacing the siding on Dames' home, and another group has offered to do some remodeling on the inside of his home.

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