offers inaugural 'Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar' for 2019 holiday season

MILWAUKEE -- We've seen some creative Advent calendars in recent years -- including the popular ALDI ones filled with beer, cheese, and wine, and a website called is trying to take the "Summer of Hard Seltzer" into winter with their inaugural Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar.

According to the website, the Advent calendar comes with 12 curated hard seltzers "from the best brands in the U.S." -- shipped directly to your home or office.

The recipient gets to uncover "12 of the best rated hard seltzers of 2019" during the holiday season.

The individual hard seltzers are placed beneath a festive numbered door.

Top-selling labels like Truly, White Claw, and Henry's are must-haves for this assortment, as well as small-batch hard seltzer brands. Officials said, "We are continuously searching for new up-and-coming brands like Mighty Swell and Wild Basin to round out this top-notch lineup."

The Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar costs $51, plus $15 for ground shipping. It must be purchased by someone who is 21 or older, and a valid ID is required upon delivery.

In addition to the Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar, offers wine and beer calendars, a Jerky Advent Calendar, a ManVent Advent Calendar ("designed for the common man"), and a Sparkling Wine Advent Calendar.