Girls in West Allis running lemonade stand to raise money "for the Dallas officers that have fallen"

WEST ALLIS -- The healing process is ongoing after the attacks on police in Baton Rouge on Sunday, July 17th and in Dallas on July 7th.

There has been an outpouring of support for law enforcement everywhere, including here in southeastern Wisconsin -- and it's coming in many forms.

Two young girls in West Allis are making lemonade for neighbors -- and money raised through their lemonade stand will benefit the families of five police officers killed in Dallas.

Kayla Knapp and Kaylie Jertson are running the lemonade stand.

"I run my lemonade stand with one of my friends for the Dallas, Texas police officers that have fallen and their families so they can move on," Kayla Knapp said.

Together they have raised $150 -- and local officers have stopped by for a cup.

Knapp and Jertson told FOX6 News they just hope the families of the victims know they're thinking of them all the way up here in Wisconsin.