Girl Scouts implement major change in Girl Scout Cookie sales

SOUTHEASTERN WISCONSIN (WITI) – When Girl Scouts begin selling cookies January 27th, they will have packages of cookies in hand for the first time ever.

Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast has implemented a major change to the way Girl Scout Cookies are sold in Southeast Wisconsin - rather than placing orders for cookies and waiting a month for delivery, customers can now enjoy instant gratification when their neighborhood Girl Scout brings the annual Cookie Program to their door. 

The new selling process, called Direct Sales, has been implemented in about 50 other councils across the United States and has been shown to increase sales anywhere from five to 40%.

"The big change is that we went to a direct sale, which is really a 'no-wait sale.' We've heard from customers that didn't like having to take orders and waiting, like, two months to get their cookies. This way, the customers will have the cookies right when they order them, Wendy Dahl with Girl Scouts of SE Wisconsin said.

Troops will pre-order cookies from the council stock and individual girls will receive an inventory of cookies to sell. Individual girls and troops can return, exchange, or order more cookies throughout the selling period as customer demand dictates. 

"We have girls that are really excited because they have a lot of customers interested, and they think they're gonna sell well over 500 packages," Dahl said.

Lisa Marshall is a Girl Scout troop leader with two Girl Scout daughters who have been selling cookies for six years.

"It's that instant gratification. The cookies are right there. You get to try them and you can break into them that night. I am excited about not having to make that second trip," Marshall said.

All Girl Scout cookies are trans-fat free and kosher. 

The cookies available for sale include seven popular varieties and one new flavor. They are:

    The Girl Scout Cookie Program runs from January 27, 2013  to February 27, 2013.