Girl goes to prom in ambulance, wakes up after kiss from 'Prince Charming'

BAHAMAS -- A teenager in the Bahamas is creating a stir online after she showed up at prom in an ambulance awaiting a kiss from "Prince Charming" in a tribute to "Sleeping Beauty."

Ashvonn Russell was hoping to win the "Best Entrance" award at her prom when she chose to arrive in an ambulance and would only wake up once she was kissed by her prom date

Photos of Russell's arrival were posted on Twitter on Sunday and have been favorited and retweeted thousands of times.

Russell spoke to BuzzFeed and said she is an artist who likes to think outside the box

“This is evident in all of my paintings and drawings, which are mostly inspired by fairy tales,” she said. “Sleeping Beauty with a modern twist captured my interest for my prom entrance.”

While many have praised Russell for her originality, others have criticized the decision to use an ambulance for a non-emergency situation.

“My hope for this theme was genuinely and solely to win best entrance by my unique style of entry and not for some of the negative attention and exposure it has received,” she told BuzzFeed.

Despite the negative feedback, Russell told BuzzFeed people should embrace their creativity.

“To those that have creative minds like myself, do not let the negativity stop you,” she said. “Always dare to be different.”