Giants fans keep tour guides busy at Lambeau Field

GREEN BAY -- Parking lots were packed on Saturday at Lambeau Field. You would think it was game day! Instead, hundreds of Giants fans were squeezing into line to get a tour of the majestic stadium.

Their chants could be heard echoing in the iconic Packers tunnel and on the field. Outside, they snapped pictures of the statue of Vince Lombardi, a man whose career spanned both franchises.

As for how the Giants fans have been received in Green Bay, they tell FOX6 - Packers fans couldn't be more welcoming! "Everyone we've met that's been Green Bay fans been fantastic, really nice people," Giants fan John Gifford said. That's the same story as another Giants fan, Lori Vendetti. "We've been to other stadiums where it's not as friendly, but everyone's been treating us great here," Vendetti said.

The temperature was not as welcoming... at least for those not from Wisconsin. Fans were making tons of last minute purchases in Green Bay on things like foot warmers, Under Armor and extra gloves.