Gary Sinise Foundation to build homes for officers injured in the line of duty

CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – There was a big announcement from the Gary Sinise Foundation for two officers whose lives were altered after being shot in the line of duty. Gary Sinese is an Oscar-nominated actor best known for his roles in "Forest Gump" and the crime-drama "Criminal Minds" as well as an advocate for veterans rights.

Officers Matt Crosby and Ryan O’Connor both received personal calls from Sinise, saying they would get new smart homes -- fully accessible in their wheelchairs -- completely mortgage-free and furnished, with the latest and greatest in smart technology.

Judging by the tears of joy, it was evident how much these new homes meant not just to them, but their families.

Jim Shubert, a member of the foundation's board of directors, was at the announcement Wednesday, Sept. 11 to challenge St. Louisans to make financial contributions, which would go toward building these homes and others like them across the country.