Garrett Swasey, officer killed in Planned Parenthood shooting once lived & coached in Wausau

WAUSAU -- Garrett Swasey, the University of Colorado police officer killed during the Planned Parenthood shooting on Friday, November 27th had ties to Wausau.

Garrett Swasey

44-year-old Swasey lived in Wausau, and worked as a skating coach.

He was a professional figure skater and won a national championship before moving to Wausau.

Former colleagues say Swasey influenced hundreds of figure skaters.

"When you put together the qualities he had -- great coach, great friend, caring about others -- that was his calling. And the last time I believe I talked to him, a year ago, he was telling me how he likes what he does, how he likes to help people. And I think if you could say one thing about Garrett, it was he was always there for you," Gizo Ujarmeli, Swasey's co-coach said.

Swasey also got married during his time in Wausau and had two children.

Swasey was one of three killed in Friday's deadly shooting in Colorado Springs.

57-year-old Robert Dear is in custody and will be in court on Monday, November 30th.

Investigators have not released a motive for the shooting.

Robert Lewis Dear