GAB posts petition challenges online

MADISON --  The Government Accountability Board has released documents online that contain names, numbers and addresses of people who did not sign the recall petitions.  The file was included as evidence by Republicans to throw out signatures in a recall effort against state senator Scott Fitzgerald.

The document with the names is a list of transcribed voice mail messages left with the Republican party, from people who say they received a post card in the mail asking them if they signed a recall petition against Fitzgerald.  Several called to say they had not.

Unknown to the callers, the voice mail messages they left are being used as evidence to throw out signatures to stop a recall effort.  Several callers left their name, address and phone number.

One man whose name appears on the list says he is appalled his name and voice mail message is being used without his permission.  Another caller says she doesn't mind. She is just angry a family member's name appeared on the petition that she did not sign.

On Thursday, Republicans submitted challenges they say will throw out enough signatures to prevent recalls against four state senators.  The GAB posted those challenges online on Friday. CLICK HERE to view them.