GAB hosts free "Voting 101" event to help voters navigate changes at the polls

MILWAUKEE -- Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board hosted a free "Voting 101" event Wednesday night, October 17th intended upon helping Milwaukee voters overcome challenges in advance of election day on November 6th.

The goal of the event was to educate voters, and help them to navigate recent changes to Wisconsin's electoral process. GAB officials helped citizens learn the rules of voting before they head to the polls.

Additionally, Wednesday is the last day for voter registration drives and mail-in registration in Wisconsin, though voters can continue to register at their municipal clerk's office and at the polling place on election day.

Wisconsin has 3,467,021 registered voters, and a voting age population of 4,378,741.

Those who need to register to vote can visit -- the state's new voter information website.

On the website, voters can start the registration process by filling out a registration form. Voters can print the form, sign it and deliver it to the clerk’s office by Friday, November 2nd. They can also bring it with them to the polls on election day.

Early voting in Wisconsin begins Monday, October 22nd. Early voting runs through November 2nd.

Voters can find information on their local clerk's office at