Fuel oil spill brings emergency crews to Thiensville home

THIENSVILLE -- The Thiensville Fire Department responded to a possible fuel oil spill near Park Crest Drive around 6 p.m. on Friday, September 7th. The spill was reported by a concerned neighbor.

Crews arrived to find fuel oil draining from a residential driveway down the street for approximately 250 feet. It appeared work crews were attempting to drain fuel oil tanks in the basement of a home when something caused fuel oil to run down the driveway into the street. 

Due to the size and location of the spill, the Ozaukee County Hazardous Material Team was called in to help with the situation.

Crews were on scene for several hours working applying oil dry to effected areas. 

The D.N.R and the Thiensville Police Department are investigating the incident for possible enforcement action.