FTC warning: Mobile apps may be collecting kids' personal data

WASHINGTON -- The Federal Trade Commission is reminding parents to be aware of smartphone apps collecting kids' personal data -- and perhaps selling that data to third parties.

Tablets and smartphones are hot items for all ages this holiday season, and many kids will be receiving a mobile device for the first time this Christmas. 

With more tech-savvy kids, the number of apps designed just for them has grown, but parents should be mindful of the data that's collected when a child downloads an app -- even if it's billed as kid-friendly.

The FTC recently released a report on apps aimed at kids and the information disclosed to parents about what data is collected and how it's used.

They found almost 60% of the apps they analyzed transmitted information from a mobile device back to the developer or a third party, like an advertiser or developer. Only one-in-five apps disclosed information about privacy practices.

The FTC urges parents to: 

    CLICK HERE to read a report from the FTC, dated Monday, December 10th, 2012.