Frustration over a jury's verdict: One woman speaks out

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Two similar crimes resulting in two deaths, but one man allegedly involved in both -- avoids serving any time in prison. The most recent of those two crimes involves a fatal shooting, inside a bar on Milwaukee's south side.

Friday, September 5th the mother of the man who fired the gun tells FOX6 News exclusively, she doesn't appreciate the verdict jurors have reached.

The morning of August 16th, 2013, Mary Kochanski was hearing details about a shooting inside a bar which bears her name.

"A little later, they announced that the owner did the shooting," said Mary Kochanski.

The owner is her son, Andy Kochanski who had shot and killed one of the three, would-be armed robbers.

The two others, Jose Munos, and Joel Rivera would be arrested, charged, and tried, but only Munoz has been convicted and only on a reduced charge of second-degree reckless homicide after reaching a plea deal.

"The plea deal was to get the guy to roll over on his partner which he carried out, but it still didn't do anything," said Mary.

Certainly not what she had hoped it would do, as Rivera to her son's surprise -- has been acquitted.

"He couldn't believe what the jury came up with," Mary said.

At this point, Munoz faces up to 15 years initial confinement, with the state recommending a four-year sentence.

Rivera avoids another conviction, after he also managed to avoid prosecution for his alleged role in the 2007 death of a patron during a robbery attempt at the former Marty's Party Bar.

Meanwhile, Mary says she's proud of her son's actions, that night particularly in light of the fact that he actually tried to save the life of the very suspect he shot.

"He gave the man CPR. He didn't want him to die. He didn't want anyone to die," Mary said.

Mary Kochanski says the experience has her more frustrated than fearful, adding that she has since earned her concealed carry permit.

Her son's bar is set to host a concealed carry certification class, next weekend.