From land to water, law enforcement ensures 'everybody's acting safe' over Labor Day weekend

OCONOMOWOC -- Whether on land, or on the water, law enforcement officials were out in force during the Labor Day holiday weekend, looking for those making the choice to put themselves and others in danger by driving while intoxicated or impaired. FOX6 News tagged along with the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department's Boat Patrol on Okauchee Lake Sunday, Sept. 1.

Detective Adent stops a man on Okauchee Lake

"I'm Detective Adent with the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department," said a WCSD Boat Patrol member. "Do you know the reason why we're stopping you today? No? Do you know what the speed limit on the lake is? 40. You're correct. Do you know how fast you were going? You do not."

Detective Adent and others were keeping an eye out for drunk or drugged boaters.

"People just gotta really go slow, watch their alcohol intake, and just try to be real safe out on the water," said Detective Adent.

Waukesha County Sheriff's Department's Boat Patrol

The WCSD Boat Patrol was among many agencies stepping up patrols through the holiday weekend -- reminding everyone that they planned to "stop, test, arrest, and lock up as many impaired drivers as necessary to prevent needless crashes, injuries and deaths on our roadways.”

On Saturday, Aug. 31, FOX6 News joined the Wisconsin State Patrol in their effort to keep people safe on the road.

Detective Adent stops a boat on Okauchee Lake

On Friday, Aug. 30, the Milwaukee Police Department hosted a "Street Roll Call" to discourage impaired driving. Following the roll call, 40 law enforcement agencies from Milwaukee and Waukesha counties deployed OWI Task Force officers into communities to detect, stop, and arrest drivers under the influence of alcohol and/or narcotics.

"You're not going to get a ticket," said Detective Adent. "I'm gonna give you a verbal warning. Right now, there's not a whole lot of traffic, and he was very polite, and kindness will get you somewhere."

It's important for boaters to check the speed limit on the lake, and remember that everyone on board must have a life jacket.

"We're just making sure everybody is acting safe, and we're looking for a reason to stop people who aren't," said Detective Adent. "Take your time, be safe, and have a great time."

Okauchee Lake