Free college education: 'MATC Promise' initiative covers tuition, fees for eligible students

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Area Technical College is launching a program called MATC Promise, which provides free college education for area high school graduates who meet program eligibility requirements.

"We call it the game-changer," Vicki Martin, MATC president said.

The MATC Promise will help area high school students prepare for a career, at no cost to the student! The southeastern Wisconsin business community will benefit from more residents who have received the education and training necessary for so many careers that are essential for the region's economic prosperity and vitality.

"What we are trying to do is offer them two free years of college," Martin said.

What is the MATC Promise?

MATC will pay the tuition and fees, after federal and state financial aid has been applied, for eligible students for four consecutive semesters (up to 15 credits each semester; does not include summer semester).

While enrolled at MATC, students will need to maintain full-time status (12 or more credits), and a 2.0 GPA, and participate in service learning projects and academic success and career planning workshops.

"Four out of 10 children are in poverty here in this city, so we need to do something to make a difference and we believe education is the answer," Martin said.

Who is eligible for the MATC Promise?

    MATC officials are targeting about 1,000 students for the first year of this initiative. They have reached out to Milwaukee Public Schools officials to help promote it.

    "Wwe're working with our students on day one to make sure they know that this is available to them, making sure that their senior year they're meeting all the requirements," Darienne Driver, MPS superintendent said.

    Interested in more information?

    Email or call 414-297-6668.