Franklin ordinance requires windows in vacant homes

FRANKLIN (WITI) -- A new ordinance in Franklin aims to spruce up the community by banning banks and property managers from boarding up windows in vacant homes -- instead requiring replacement windows to be installed.

Neighbors in the area say they take pride in their properties, but have become frustrated with one particular boarded up, vacant home.

"You have this big house that's boarded up in the middle of the subdivision," said Karen Montoya. "It's an eyesore. It's terrible."

This week the Franklin Common Council will implement the ordinance. Common Council President Steve Taylor says boarded up homes have no business in subdivisions.

"It really says 'hey, no one lives here. Why don't you enter and see what you can do,'" said Taylor. "It's time to make them look presentable and not just prepare them on the cheap."

Banks will have 10 days to replace the windows or be fined. Taylor says the Common Council is willing to work with banks and property managers in order to resolve the problem.