FOX6's Stephanie Grady sits down with Donald Trump Jr. for exclusive, one-on-one interview

On Tuesday, October 4th, 35 days ahead of the November election, FOX6's Stephanie Grady had an opportunity to sit down with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr. for a one-on-one interview.

Stephanie Grady: "Did you ever think you would be in this sort of a situation -- your father, of course, an entrepreneur, a real estate mogul, a business man -- not a politician. Is this surreal in any sense for you being his eldest child?"

"It's surreal in the sense that I get to go around the country and meet people who look at him as the last hope to get rid of bureaucracy, the bloat, the same old, same old in DC. What this election is and even in the primaries -- it`s a referendum for change. People are sick of what`s going on in this country. They`re sick of watching the whole country suffer other than the zip codes surrounding DC," Trump Jr. said.

Stephanie Grady: "How do you think the first debate went? We're a week out from it. We're less than a week until the next debate -- which is a very different format. How do you think the debate went?"

"I think the debate went fine. You`re never going get a fair debate, I think, with the media and with everything the way it is. 'Mr. Trump, when you were 20 years old you did x. Mrs. Clinton, we`re not going to ask you about scandal after scandal, pay to play, Clinton Foundation -- the things you did as secretary of state, Benghazi. We wont even talk about that thing. That`s off limits,'" Trump Jr. said.

Stephanie Grady: "Are we going to see a different Donald Trump come Sunday, October 9th?

"I imagine so. It's there. I think he was thinking 'hey, maybe the moderator will actually ask about those things rather than random things from 50 years ago.' That`s not going to happen, so I'm sure he`ll do it himself," Trump Jr. said.

Stephanie Grady: "How big of a role does Wisconsin play in this election?"

"Wisconsin`s not supposed to be in play. It`s not supposed to be, but it is -- and frankly there`s no reason we shouldn`t win it," Trump Jr. said.

Stephanie Grady: "Wisconsin hasn't gone red since Reagan's re-election in 1984. It's been very tight. How do you win? How do you get those last several voters especially the minority vote. Milwaukee, of course, is very Democratic and has been for more than 100 years."

"Look what happens to Milwaukee in those 100 years. My father talks about putting $20 billion dollars back into inner-city schools to make sure those kids also have a good education, to break the cycle of poverty. Look what the Democratic policies have done to those cities around the world. It's not just Milwaukee. Look at Detroit. Look at Chicago. You can go to example after example of disaster and guess what? Every four years they come back -- 'we want your vote. We want your vote.' My father can actually make a difference. He`s not just talk," Trump Jr. said.

Stephanie Grady: "One of the biggest problems nationwide unfortunately is Milwaukee is put right in the national spotlight as one of the epicenters of police-community relations and the brokenness of that pact as it should be. How does your father plan to go after that and mend those broken relationships that some claim are too broken to repair at this point?

"I'd like to believe they`re not too broken to repair. There needs to be law and order in this country. Of course, there are going to be some bad apples. Things happen. You have millions of police officers in this country. Something`s going to go wrong -- but I think you do have to work on it. You do have to have that dialogue. I think that`s what my father is doing right now. He`s actually having that dialogue. He`s asking the questions that need to be asked that so many people are afraid of," Trump Jr. said.

Stephanie Grady: "Do you ever just want to take your dad's phone away from him and tell him to stop tweeting sometimes?"

"I know my father. My father`s a fighter. He`s going to fight for the American people. He`s always fought for his company businesses or whatever it may be. He`s made a career doing that and not giving up. He`s going to channel that to fight for the American people," Trump Jr. said.

Stephanie Grady: "What do you have to say about his temperament. Is he temperamentally unfit to be president -- because there are a lot of people who would argue that case.

"I think it's ridiculous when people they try to say that. He`s a fighter. He fights back -- and we need someone fighting for us. But he also can't do what he's done in business for 40 years without being able to work with people or having a good tone without understanding how to get something done. You couldn`t do it. You could do it once -- be a bull in a China shop and ram through a deal -- maybe twice. After awhile, you wouldn`t be able to get it done. There`s a reason he`s been successful time and time again for 40 years doing deal after deal with all different people all over the country, all over the world. He`s been able to do that because he does have the right temperament," Trump Jr. said.

Stephanie Grady: "Why should the American people -- especially the people here in Wisconsin, trust your father to run this country and put it in the right direction?"

"You know what? If you`re happy with politicians and where they`ve taken this country, then great -- vote for a politician, but I think this whole election cycle has been a referendum for change. People want to see something different. I think it's time to give someone a chance who`s actually create something -- who`s actually created jobs -- and that`s my father," Trump Jr. said.