FOX6's Nicole Koglin shares new pictures of Baby Emma

MILWAUKEE -- FOX6's Nicole Koglin is showing off some new pictures of her beautiful baby daughter, Emma.

Nicole was an amazing trooper. Her due date was February 22nd but she stayed on the air until March 2nd.  She figured she was feeling great, the baby was okay so why waste the maternity leave days.

She was scheduled to be induced on March 5th, but Emma had plans of her own and came that day before the doctor tried to get her out. A sure sign she is her mother’s daughter.

Baby Emma

Emma weighed in at 6 lbs. 13 oz. and stretched to 19 inches.

We had a contest on Real Milwaukee to guess the Sex, Date and Weight of the baby. We had more than 500 viewers guess on Facebook for personal pride and a Real Milwaukee mug.

The winner was Michelle Jossart Coster. She was only off by one day and one ounce.  And, by the way, personal pride must have been enough for her. She still hasn’t picked up her mug.

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