FOX6's Contact 6 Year-in-Review 2013

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- From hidden cameras to HIPAA complaints, FOX6's Contact 6 did a lot of good in 2013!

It is a new year, and Contact 6 is looking forward to helping more FOX6 viewers this year -- just like Contact 6 did in 2013.

Contact 6 used a hidden camera to find recalled vehicles being sold on car lots, expired food on shelves at grocery stores and stores suspected of buying and then re-selling stolen cell phones.

Contact 6 also tested products to see if they performed as well as their companies claim -- like the $10 self-stirring "RoboStir" -- which worked, but Contact 6 didn't see the need for such a product.

The $20 LightKeeper Pro is meant to find and fix bad Christmas lights -- but Contact 6 found it more frustrating than helpful.

Also -- Contact 6 helped a lot of people get satisfaction from companies not playing nice.

Contact 6 helped Melisa Erickson get about $500 back from a photographer who never showed up for her wedding shoot.

Contact 6 warned FOX6 viewers about a Milwaukee limousine company that cancelled Ann Gallo's nine-year-old daughter's birthday party the day of. After Contact 6's story aired, two different limo companies offered Gallo's family free rides.

Contact 6 helped Irene Hajducki reverse billing charges during a difficult time -- after her brother-in-law passed away and the family was hit with a bill for more than $15,000 for tests that were never taken.

"I was told it was protected under HIPAA -- that they can't give me any information," Hajducki said.

Contact 6 was able to get answers, and the charges were dropped.

Contact 6 helped 91-year-old World War II veteran Martin Gaudian, who spent more than 10 months trying to get a $2,800 refund from a car warranty company, until his daughter had had enough!

"She said we'll get Channel 6 on this right away!" Gaudian said.

Within a couple of days, Gaudian had his full refund.

"I'm just sorry I didn't let you know sooner!" Gaudian said.

Over the year, Contact 6 gets hundreds of complaints. We can't feature every story on TV, but Contact 6 works hard to get everyone cash back.

Contact 6's cash back total for 2013 is more than $165,000.