FOX6's Contact 6 takes on Confidence Driving School

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Parents -- you know your children come first. You do your best to get them the things they need in life. But what happens when you can't come through, and it's not your fault? You call FOX6's Contact 6.

Contact 6’s Katrina Cravy headed into Confidence Driving School in Greenfield with a camera rolling, because the owner hadn't responded to Contact 6 or clients.

"I tried calling the school. They just never returned my calls. I left messages and sent emails and I did not hear back from them for probably a good solid month, "Dave Ellis.

"I ended up calling (Contact 6) because my request on their end to follow through with what ethically a business should do when they take your money - provide the service that is promised in contact - was not happening," Kelly Plank said.

Kelly Plank and Dave Ellis are just two of the parents who paid Confidence Driving School $345 dollars to get their teenagers up to speed.  The classroom instruction was done, but when it came time for the behind-the-wheel training, Confidence was a no show.

"We lost an instructor who had a 100 students, so now we are trying to play catch up -- trying to get students scheduled and we are in the process of working with the Department of Transportation to fulfill these obligations," Confidence Driving School Owner Maribeth Funk told FOX6's Contact 6.

In fact, the Driver Training Coordinator for the DOT was meeting with Confidence Driving School when Contact 6 showed up.

The DOT requires those under 18 to have completed or be enrolled in an approved behind-the-wheel driver's education course within 60 days of the instructor certifying an application.

Kelly Plank's son, Logan was worried he may not get his license on time.

After Confidence cancelled on Ellis' Jake three times, Ellis decided to pay another company $245. Since Confidence did provide the classroom instruction, Ellis says he's willing to compromise.

"$175 would be a reasonable refund," Ellis said.

Funk says she isn’t providing refunds because she thinks they will be able to hire new instructors and catch up with the backlog of students.

Katrina Cravy: "I left you a message and gave you my phone number to call back and then we should have gotten letters from us."

"Right and we are waiting to respond because the DOT has it and then what's happening is we are getting charge backs for people who are wanting refunds, so that's coming from the credit card company and the problem is they are coming back -- please respond by this date and it's passed. The date has been passed and it takes us two weeks to see what's coming back," Funk said.

It is a mess.

Plank has chosen to wait it out -- although Logan has only had three classes. Once they were 30 minutes late.

On the date Contact 6's hidden camera went along, they were 40 minutes early.

"I'm kicking myself for not having done more homework on the front end of this," Plank said.

"I want other people to protect themselves. I don't want other people to be taken advantage of. Check with the Better Business Bureau. Don't sign up with a school because it's convenient. Look into it. Convenient doesn't always mean you are going to get a good product," Ellis said.

Confidence Driving School as an F-rating with the BBB.

The DOT says the school has been open since 1989.

Via the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions' website, Confidence Driving School has been delinquent six times as a corporation.

Some clients have told Contact 6 they believe Confidence Driving School should at least consider changing its name.

CLICK HERE to visit the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions' website.