FOX6 Web Fix: Signature chili sauce stops would-be robber

(FOX) -- Chili sauce was used as a means of defense for an Australian employee who found herself cornered and being robbed.

24-year-old Tyrone Holmwood walked into the "Ole" take-away food store, got into an argument with a female employee over payment, and then walked behind the counter and attempted to open the cash register.

Employee Joanna Tarnoski knew a bowl full of the store's specialty hot sauce would deter the suspect.

"I didn't think twice. I just wanted to protect myself. I threw all the chili on his face here and then he got crazy because of that," Tarnoski said.

"He screamed, lots of screaming, lots of bad language and at that time we are lucky the police arrived. The response was very quick," the store manager said.

Police arrested Holmwood at the scene, and took him to a police station where he was treated for minor burns.

As for the chili sauce, staff members say it is a secret recipe.