FOX6 Web Fix: Crews help baby owls knocked from their nest

CALIFORNIA (WITI) -- High winds in California knocked three baby owls out of their nests!

Wildlife Emergency Services crews received a report that three baby Great Horned owls fell out of their nests in a tall eucalyptus tree. Nests can break for various reasons -- from severe weather to parents not building them sturdy enough.

Emergency personnel built the baby owls a stronger home by modifying a laundry basket.

After a health checkup, all three owls were returned to the wild.

"They were actually upside down when we first came up to them. We flipped them over and we weren't sure how they were doing but they looked alright after a while," witness Jeff Dow said.

"You know the fall they took was pretty tremendous and so sometimes we'll end up with broken bones but they look really great, so...all three are going to go back," Rebecca Dmytryk Wildlife Emergency Services said.

"It's just fantastic. It's a good feeling to put these little ones back. As humans, we probably take a fair toll on wildlife. And I can pay it back, and pay it forward a bit, I'm gonna do it So if we can help them out once in a while, even when it is an act of nature, it's probably the right thing to do," Dwayne Titus with Wildlife Emergency Services said.