FOX6 Web Fix: Chinese dog masters variety of skills

(CNN) -- A pet dog from southwest China's Yunnan Province was able to master a number of excellent skills, including riding toy cars!

Duo Duo, the two-year-old dog from the city of Qujing, is good at various sports, such as skateboarding and jumping. In addition, the dog can ride bicycles and stand in toy cars.

Two years ago, Duan Yabo spent roughly $3.26 to purchase the dog, which was at the time, the size of a cup. However, the dog was capable of various skills thanks to Yabo's good care and help.

"Good at learning. It took him less than two days to learn how to stand atop a ball and ride a bicycle," Yabo said.

Yabo said he trained Duo Duo with positive reinforcement, rewarding the puppy once he finishes the task.

Able to perform such highly difficult acts as jumping through hoops and walking on forelegs, the dog has become a star in the community.