FOX6 Web Fix: 102-year-old celebrates b-day with base jump

TWIN FALLS, IDAHO (WITI) -- The oldest woman in Twin Falls, Idaho celebrated her birthday by jumping off a bridge on Sunday afternoon, June 2nd.

Dorothy Custer planned to have a calm 102nd birthday until she got a present from her family. Her gift was a tandem jump with professional base jumper Sean Chuman at Perrine Bridge.

Chuman says Custer is the oldest client to jump off the bridge. Everyone wanted to know why she decided to base jump, but she's not even sure herself!

"Why am I? I've kind of asked myself that to, I guess probably because I don't know any better. I've never thought of age. I just went on living and having a good time and doing what was necessary. I don't think of age right now. I was thinking of going to jump out of a plane but then I found out it was too much. So then I said forget it, I'll just have a very calm birthday," Custer said.

Custer turned 102 on May 30th.