FOX6 News talks one-on-one with Marina Dimitrijevic

MILWAUKEE -- Marina Dimitrijevic has been at the helm of the Milwaukee County Board for three weeks. And on Thursday, May 3rd, Dimitrijevic took time to sit down with FOX6 News for a one-on-one interview about how the job's going and where she wants to take it.

After 24 voice votes, Dimitrijevic got the necessary majority to claim the Milwaukee County Board chairmanship. Now, the new Board leader is busy creating the Board's leadership team.

"An important part of me being chairwoman is naming committee assignment and committee chairs. We did that and we did that after I met with all 17 supervisors in three days," said Dimitrijevic.

Three of the four people who ran against her for the chairmanship are chairpersons of important committees. Dimitrijevic also cemented plans for listening sessions at every municipality in the county called "Chat with the Chair." Dimitrijevic says there is a bit of a misconception as to what the county does.

"I always like to say that it's from airport to zoo, A to Z. We touch your lives in every way possible, whether you're aware of it or not and we need to do a better job making you aware of it," said Dimitrijevic. "I think that's a little bit of what's going on is a little bit of a disconnect. There shouldn't be friction. We're partners."

Dimitrijevic says one of the challenges for the Board will be getting a long-term dedicated funding source for the transit system.

"I do believe that the voters actually spoke on this a few years ago via a referendum countywide that they were interested in a dedicated funding source from the sales tax," said Dimitrijevic. "That has been ignored at the state. I hope whatever change there is at the state, it won't be ignored any more."

What will Dimitrijevic try to avoid?

"I want to avoid again the infighting, the divisiveness that hasn't given us the most positive image," said Dimitrijevic.

The first of Dimitrijevic's listening sessions is set for early June in Franklin.