Four truckers drive 2-million miles without accidents

FRANKLIN (WITI) -- Imagine going through your professional career without ever making an error. As truck drivers, that means no accidents, no injuries, barely even a scratch on their big rigs.

It's a milestone very few actually reach, but four in Franklin have made it.

“500 miles a night, every night,” said truck driver Brian Busch.

Busch has been a truck driver for 40 years, and more than 25 years with his company, Con-way Freight.

He's driven more than 2-million miles, in every type of weather imaginable, with no accidents, no injuries and no scratches on his truck.

“The snow and ice, it's always challenging,” said Busch.

He is just one of four at Con-way Freight's Franklin Service Center that have reached the 2-million miles achievement.

“A lot of luck really. Most of it is defensive,” said truck driver Jim Slaaen.

“It shows that you take pride in what you do,” said truck driver Bill Starich.

To put it in perspective, two million miles is equivalent of driving the length of Lambeau Field (300 ft.) more than 35 million times, driving the length of Wisconsin (top to bottom - 310 miles) 6,452 times, or driving around the Earth at the equator (24,901 miles) more than 80 times.

“You're exposing yourself to a lot of risk, but obviously, they understand our core focus is safety. It's just a great thing,” said Con-way Freight’s Director of Operations John McCutheon.

Less than two percent of the company's 13,000 drivers have actually met this milestone.  But if you ask any of the drivers, it's luck that's on their side.

“The way things are today and the traffic and congestion and everything else, a lot of luck comes into play with nobody running into you,” said Slaaen.

Meanwhile, they continue to keep safety first and show others that 2-million miles is no easy feat.

“You're constantly checking your mirrors, trying to anticipate what another driver might be doing,” said Starich.