Four seismometers removed from Clintonville

CLINTONVILLE (AP) -- The four seismometers installed around Clintonville to help investigate the booms and rumblings have been removed because it's been quiet there.

Residents started reporting the sounds March 18 and experts detected a 1.5-magnitude earthquake about two days later. The reports started to die down until another big boom over a week later.

The Michigan Technological University lent the seismometers to Clintonville starting on March 30 and that same day they confirmed a .1 magnitude earthquake. There have been a just few minor reports since then.

The U.S. Geological Survey has determined the events were a swarm of small earthquakes, which are not unusual across the nation.

City Administrator Lisa Kuss says if the noises start up again, they will reevaluate whether to start monitoring again.

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